Michigan Quants

In September, 2015, 19 students began their studies in the University of Michigan's new Quantitative Finance and Risk Management program. This program is a successor to the original quant program at the U of M. The Industrial & Operations Engineering department created the U of M's Masters of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE) program, which admitted its first class in 1997. The MSFE program later moved to the Ross School of Business, and continued until 2014, when the last class graduated. The program had a similar mission to today's quant program, and it is worth studying what became of the earlier program's graduates.

To study this, we gathered data via web search, especially LinkedIn, in June 2017. This captured employment information on almost 500 of the 700+ graduates of the MSFE program. The intention is to extend this data to include the new Masters in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. It will be periodically updated.

Employed graduates

Many of the graduates have post-graduate degrees, including PhDs, MBAs, JDs, even an MD. You can see a summary here.

Students have been hired at over 300 different firms, with 1/3 of the jobs going to the top 30 employers. For 57% of our graduates, they are the only Michigan quant grad at their firm. You can see the complete list here. These jobs are in these locations.