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Quant program links

  1. Upcoming events:
  2. Friday Morning Workshops
  3. Websites to search for jobs and internships:
    • Handshake: Search for keywords like derivatives, derivatives, quantitative, credit risk. If you have your profile filled in, you can tell at a glance whether they are willing to sponsor. Watch out for expiration dates.
    • LinkedIn: Can use key phrases, and filter on experience level (e.g. internship).
    • Company websites. Many (most?) companies have a careers page that links to a list of open positions, similar to this one from Goldman.
    • eFinancialCareers.com has lots of jobs, but can be difficult to find suitable matches.
  4. Websites to research job and job search process:
    • glassdoor.com provides ratings by employees, and you can often find information about the hiring process, including interview questions.
    • Sign up for The Muse website, and take some time to peruse the articles. This will give you insight into how to get employed at US firms.
    • Does a company sponsor? How often? Where? For what roles? Find out at myvisajobs.com.
    • Company websites. If you are applying to Goldman, for example, learn what you can from their website. Subscribe to their news feed if possible. And beware: not all companies represent real opportunities.
  5. Cover letters, interviews, general advice, etc:
  6. Where are they now? A review of financial engineering graduates of Michigan.
  7. Agenda for the August Boot camp.

Programming environments

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Project Euler

The background animation is Monte Carlo simulations of Brownian motion, written in p5.